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  • Your brilliant invention is a God send to millions of Women around the world! Having come from a cosmetic sales backround I know every woman I tell about this product will buy it and I intend to do just that as part of their beauty routine. I have always said that doing your makeup without shaping your brows is like hanging up a beautiful photo without a frame, it looks incomplete! So there you have it, I am a loyal customer for life! Thank you for your invention. I wish you every success for your business.

    Lisa H.

  • The product is wonderul. It worked well. My salon technician showed me the tool and I bought it. Now, I bring it in each time I get my eyebrows done. That way, I am certain that the threading session is clean and safe! I love threading, I just felt for my threading provider (her fingers were so cut up from the thread). Now, her fingers are safe....and I am too! Love it!

    Ana M.

  • I am a swimmer, and I use the threading tool to remove my hair from my legs...it beats shaving. Plus, it takes a while to grow back. All of the swimmers on my team use it.

    Craig L.

  • I have been using the tool on my chin and face for several months. It works great. I just love it. My facial hair is light and thin, but I have lots of it. The tool works very well!!!

    Felicia C.

  • I needed this years ago!!!! Where has this been all this time? It is awesome!!! Works great!!! I love you guyzzzz!!!! What is coming next??? I want to know!

    Amanda R.