the Patented Helix® ThreadEase Hair Removal System Now...

We ship to USA, Canada, Australia, The EU/EEA, The United Kingdom and Japan. You get a complete Helix® Threadease Hair Threading kit that includes: 2 Helix® Threadease Hair Threading tools, a spool of thread, and a nice carry bag. The HELIX® ThreadEase System uses a revolutionary, patent pending tool, to hold the thread in place (so there is no risk for thread cut to the fingers or disease transmission via the mouth). This makes the art of threading “easier and more safe” for both the home user and the threading Salon Professional. Many Salons are using our products to remove unsightly facial and body hairs. Our Helix® Threadease home/salon threading tool, allows anyone to easily remove unwanted hairs! Adding threading to your beauty regimen can result in a more beautiful and exotic look. Many women have problems with unwanted facial and body hair. Even fine hairs in the chin and cheek areas can be unsightly. These can easily be removed with threading. Plus, the Helix® tool is trendy and cool. It is ergonomically designed to make threading easier, and safer for all involved. The two HELIX® ThreadEase handles can be easily manipulated for safer and easier threading hair removal. The patent pending tools are designed for both Home and Professional use. Salon Professionals, please e-mail us at info@helixhairthreading.com for discount link.

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Complete Helix® Threadease System - Red


Kit includes: 2 Helix® Threadease Hair Threading Tools, a spool of thread, and a nice carry bag.

We ship to USA and International.

Weight: 0.25 lbs.

Box of 5 Spools of Thread: 100m each spool, for threading


A box of 5 thread spools, each spool has 100m of white cotton thread for threading.

We ship to USA and International.

Weight: 0.25 lbs.